We define a tertulia as neighbors who gather at an accessible public space such as a pub or coffee house to share news and information that affect that community. A concept similar to the tertulia and more common to the American Southwest is the resolana. The term "refers to the sunny side of a building or plaza, a protected place where the warmth absorbed by the adobe walls draws people to gather together and talk. Traditionally, the village elders (called 'los resolaneros' or sun seekers) spent their afternoons seated against these 'warming walls,' exchanging news with passersby, swapping stories, and passing on their cultural wisdom to the community." Tertulias that achieve a more political focus, as we are suggesting here, can operate as Virtual Centers, meaning they can achieve the sophistication of "Research Centers" or "Think Tanks" without the costs or infrastructure. Thus, a consistent, open, easily accessible tertulia can be a site where community members can develop projects, coordinate activities, facilitate networks, share resources, and pursue research.


Local tertulia

San Jose

First Friday of the month

Grande's Pizza (corner of 4th & San Carlos)

Sponsored by Acción Zapatista South Bay & CCRA