Much of the inspiration for and the Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning (CRIL) taller, as a digital temporary autonomous zone of knowledge production, is drawn from a wide range of intellectual traditions, theoretical platforms, and political mobilizations—too many to properly acknowledge here although many should be self evident. Five primary meta-theoretical platforms that inform the work organized here include: zapatismo, cibercultur@, coyuntura, grassroots postmodernism, and autonomism. Many of the strategies pursued here have also resulted from the earlier political work of Acción Zapatista collectives in Austin, Humboldt, Davis, and Santa Barbara as well as the Advanced Seminar in Postcolonial Borderlands and the Advanced Seminar in Chican@ Research in Austin, Texas.

The Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning taller is facilitated primarily by Manolo Callahan, Annie Paradise, Alan Gómez, and Ricardo Agredano.