Social Factory

We approach the social factory as a category of analysis that exposes capital’s efforts to displace the cost of reproducing the worker onto the community, household, and women. Thus, we recognize the social factory as an analytical category that recognizes “the community” as a principal site of struggle with women as key agents undermining capital’s efforts to impose capitalist social relations, as well as generating new forms of reproducing the community that are dignified and autonomous. In the current conjuncture, this analysis is incomplete without sustained engagement with the impact of mass incarceration, militarized policing, deportations/detentions, and everyday surveillance along with other forms of capitalist discipline disrupting strategies and practices of care and the particular costs this has had on the community as a whole and on women especially. This includes, for example, women who have been criminalized in and through the social factory and who are an increasing percentage of people incarcerated or confronting state violence in some way. However, it also results from the privatization of care that according to the Precarias a la Deriva manifests through externalization of the home, privatization of public space, destruction of the social wage, and the disciplining of desire.

Social Factory ateneo (sponsored by Universidad de la Tierra Califas)

Fourth Saturday of the month 2pm-5pm 

Obelisco ( 3411 E 12th St. Ste 110 Oakland, CA 94601)